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Thursday, July 08, 2004


I just finished watching the excellent series "Biography" on A&E which I TiVo'd to have the time to really savor it. I watched the very well produced Biographies of Bette Midler and Liza Minnelli.

I met Bette years ago at a spa and we had dinner together and enjoyed walks and chats after our spa treatments. She had just finished filming "The Rose" and was in need of R&R. She was articulate and sensitive. We shared our common loss of a sister.

In watching the biographies of these gifted and lightening rod women, I thought about how stimulating and exciting it would be to share life as friends with such individuals.

No sooner had I thought that wish, then a warmth filled me generated from my own life.

Bette and Liza seem like the types of people I would be drawn to as friends because of the friends I have been blessed with in my life.

I have Richard and Becky and Sue J. and Carol B. and Linda and Susan and Shirley and Miriam and Arlene and Sandy and a lifetime journey of those who have touched my life with their love and insight and talent and breathtaking womanhood and manhood. And I had Ivy, my beloved sister and friend and Steve and Estelle and Lilla whose friendships also touched my core through their luminous beings.

I have stimulation and caring and insights and conversation and sharing and loyalty from and with these people.

I am infused and entwined with the lives of souls who understand and feel my heart as I do theirs.

And that my husband and I share the ultimate friendship is the timeless love of my existence.

My existence is a journey, a process that connects with each one of my friends, my heartgifts.