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Friday, July 09, 2004


There is no question that we have entered and continue to soar toward a new medium of communication. The words computer compatibility hold a meaning which now rules our existence whether it be within our home or business, for pleasure or profit.

One of the most common and frequent discussions people have today is about computer compatibility. Computer format, size, expense and language have become an obsession and a possession to be learned and implemented.

The body language of computer usage requires the eyes to be focused downward at a screen. The eyes appear glued to the movement and formatting of words. Networks have been created connecting individuals worldwide through compatible computer structures.

Progress? Indeed. Yet, perhaps this has also resulted in a costly loss.

At one time the terms compatibility and language were primarily relevant in defining human relationships. Whether one to one or nation to nation, these terms formed the core of our growth and the hope of our potential as communicators.

In our society,observe people talking to one another. How many look each other in the eye as they speak? How many are incapable of this critical American culture standard? Listen to our language today. Whatever culture or subculture is attempting to speak, hear what has been done to the language we once relied on to reach one another.

To converse with another person and thereby establish compatibility on some level is an ability that requires focus, practice and nurturing. Technology has moved us toward great achievements. Along the way, however, we are losing part of our humanity.

Learning and practicing to speak to one another while looking the other person in the eye seems to be one of the most difficult and feared activities of the human condition. It is this ability to communicate without a screen--- be it computer, TV or movie-- which allows the individual the self-confidence to live in this world.

Within the family structure, the school, peer groups, business and personal meditation, the ability to speak is the core of our foundation as competent and fulfilled individuals. The ability to listen and hopefully empathize results in a productive human exchange of language, intellect and emotion.

As computers move us toward communication in isolation---as virtual reality allows us to experience without experiencing---we must find our way back to the basics of potential human compatibility: speaking with eye contact; empathic listening; clear and consistent non-verbal expression; and a self-concept built on these communication foundations.