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Monday, August 02, 2004

THE City

I started my love affair with New York when I was in my 20's. Of all the cities I have visited in this world, New York is my most favorite and precious. The city has an infinite rhythm of its own. The opportunities of what to do and see are endless. Day or night one can eat. The city is alive. It is a lifeforce. Being part of it for a week's visit is beyond heavenly.

I love the anonymity of New York. One can be immersed in any art form. It is a walking city filled with amazing neighborhoods, quaint groceries, delis, cabarets, music, museums, parks and the ultimate in theater--Broadway.

Being in the audience of a Broadway musical, one transcends the reality outside the theater building and is uplifted magically into the all encompassing talent on stage. It is existence in another dimension. The actors on the Broadway stage create beyond their potential to the ultimate of their gifts. The productions are often works of art. To be in a Broadway audience is an experience that profoundly thrills.

To be in love in New York, to share New York is a romantic dream.
Before we knew one another, my husband and I, by sheer coincidence, would stay at the same hotel. During our last trip, we sat in an outdoor cafe across the street of that hotel. I was awed by the thought that in one time frame we were both there apart and now in the present, we were there together. As I held his hand, I was overwhelmed with the chance to share this city of cities with the love of my life. I was involved in two love affairs. One with my husband and one with New York. My husband graciously understood the latter.