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Saturday, August 20, 2005


I can remember the back to school excitement of my childhood like it was yesterday.
My mother would take my sisters and me shopping for our new outfits and shoes which we wore on the first day of school. Then the thrill of all thrills was shopping for school supplies. In my youth, my crayons were my priceless jewels. My pencil holder, notebook, three ringed paper and pens and pencils were my valued belongings.
I would spread out everything on my bed and admire their newness. I would open my crayons with the gentleness of a lover and admire the colors of my private rainbow. I would look at my shiny new shoes and I would love the smell of the leather before they were worn. I would admire and hold my new zippered notebook that waited to carry the projects and assignments of my new school grade.
These were my treasures.
My excitement for going back to school never went away because from those early days and years of falling in love with the experience, I became a teacher.

PUBLISHED Chicago Sun-Times August 2005